About Me

I started my yoga journey out of joyful curiosity and over the years it has changed my life. Yoga has enabled me to create space for new possibilities on and off the mat, and to reach and connect outwards to many different communities.

I believe that yoga should be fun and creates an accessible, supportive space where anything is possible. I aim to inspire each and every yogi to love their practice and reach their full potential through a journey of connection and self-discovery both on and off the mat.

Jo Ormond – 200 hour Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT).

This truly is the best yoga class with the best teacher.
I look forward to my weekly fix and it certainly helps my bad back not to mention makes me very relaxed!
Jo is friendly, kind, patient and supportive and thanks to her and the wonderful group I have made some lovely friends.

Group Classes

My group classes are held on Wednesday evenings in Ashleworth Memorial Hall, GL19.  I offer people of all abilities a safe spacious place to build strength, flexibility and balance in the mind & body in a friendly, welcoming atmosphere.  

Private Sessions

Practice at your own pace. In private.

My private one-to-one or small group sessions are a great opportunity for tailored guidance to support your journey towards finding more balance in life. Our wellness and movement experts offer bespoke sessions aligned to your needs.

Ideal if you are:-

  • Struggling to get to scheduled classes.
  • Need a little accountability to do the work.
  • A beginner.
  • Looking to develop your yoga practice by focusing on specific postures or areas of your body you might struggle with.
  • Overcoming an injury.
    In need of tools to help posture, stress, sleep, breathing and so much more.
  • Taking the time to be entirely focused on yourself.

Private yoga classes are a powerful way to incorporate yoga into your busy life, on your schedule. With a one-to-one focus, private yoga classes are tailored to your needs. 

Bridal Yoga

Whilst planning your special day is fun and exciting it can also come with pressure and responsbility which can cause anxiety, stress, interuppted sleep and often tension held in the body from all the things to think about, plan and execute.

Brides tend to focus their time, energy and budget on the external aspects of their wedding, such as the venue, dress, flowers, invitations are more. But, how much are they investing on their emotional and inner well-being? According to research, the answer is almost nothing. That is why there is a rise in stressed out brides, bridezillas roaming around town feeling anxious and out of balance. It is important to spend time preparing emotionally for a wedding because how will it be the best day of your life if you are stressed and overwhelmed?

This a gentle reminder to prioritise your own emotional and mental well-being too so you can enjoy your special day feeling present, confident and with your body, mind and spirit aligned. After all, it’s a day you’ll remember for the rest of your life so you want to feel your best.

The yoga practice is designed especially for brides and no experience is necessary. You may like to enjoy this practice all to yourself on the morning of your wedding or you may prefer to practice with your bridal party and family. It’s open to everyone and we can all benefit from feeling zen for the wedding day as energy is contagious!

I will teach you breathing exercises to induce calm so you can take in every moment of your day without it whizzing away before your eyes. I will give you techniques to feel connected and confident so you can walk down the aisle like the Queen you truly are along with some mindful movement that feels nourishing and yummy for your body.

Employee Wellbeing – Yoga at Your Workplace

Yoga is proven to reduce stress and anxiety and will lead to happier employees resulting in greater productivity within your workplace. It can relieve back and neck injuries caused through sitting at a desk for long periods of time and can also be a great team building activity to energise your team before or during the working day or to de-stress at the end of the day. I am available to come to your offices and offer corporate classes, please contact me for further information.

Yoga for Sports Teams

Whatever your chosen sport is; football, rugby, athletics, basketball or anything else, there is a yoga practice that will work for you. Yoga will build your strength and flexibility, promote mental clarity, and improve endurance making you a better performer in your chosen field. I will come to your training sessions and practice yoga with you, but before we even take to the mats I will watch you participate in your sport and closely observe what would be the best route to promote healthier supported joints and tendons depending on where the most stress occurs during your activity. Based on those observations, we can build a class tailored to your team.  Please contact me for further information.

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